Nicky Verster was born in Johannesburg, South Africa in 1960. The son of a Christian minister, Nicky grew up in a religious environment, but still, the true meanings of the Bible eluded him. He never merely accepted what religious preachers taught and continued on his own path; outside the box.


From a very young age he had dreams and visions which revealed hidden mysteries of the spirit to him which drew him closer to the spiritual mysteries of God. Nicky started seeking the truth while questioning religious beliefs which never made sense. He started to search for his own answers and was taken on a 30 year journey through all religions, learning from the apostles and preachers of the West and gurus and holy men of the East.


It was only much later that Nicky came to realise that God had taken him through all of these religions to help him understand what God’s true purpose was with all of human kind. God revealed to him that all people are on a journey and that the true creation lay way beyond what was visible to the human eye.


After the true path was revealed to him, God instructed him to write a book in which he had to share this path and light with the world. It was an extremely difficult task for him as it seemed almost impossible to translate God’s spiritual language into words and put it onto paper. The secret to God’s Light was written over a period of 10 years and was re-written not less than more 18 times before it started making sense to family and friends whom read his teachings.



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Secrets of the unknown God is part of the same book but he decided to divide the script into two books, as it was evident at the time that the standard Christian would not accept it’s teachings. There are two more books that might be published in the future; The Bibles Secrets revealed and Beyond the Secret.


A successful and well-learned business man, Nicky has now completely devoted his life to writing and guiding people on the path. Nicky claims no fame for writing his books. He merely served as the medium which was used by God to write them. The Secret to God’s Light and Secrets of the Unknown God were not written to replace the Bible. They merely serve as a guide to reveal the codes in which the Bible was written; for all to understand its teachings in the way God intended it to be understood.



What is evolution and how does it affect us?


Why does God “allow” bad things to happen to good people?


Where do science and religion meet and why has this never been explained to us properly?


Where do we come from and why are we actually here?


Where will my soul go when I die?


What is heaven and what is hell?


Which religion is actually right, and who has it all wrong?


What is reincarnation and do our souls continue after death?


Through the Members of Christ, the answers to these questions will be revealed.





God Bless You.







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