Members of Christ is not the beginning of a new faith or religion. Members of Christ is the science of the soul in which the core of all religions was captured to form the ultimate truth.  Members of Christ does not only reveal the unseen mysteries of the spirit, but also combined the wisdom of science into religion without which no religion will ever understand God’s spiritual as well as physical creations in its entirety.


Members of Christ do not dispute anyone else’s views, nor have any intention of proving anyone wrong. On the contrary, this is merely an extension of what everyone already believes in. This science reveals the hidden codes of God’s mysteries which prevent seekers from attaining sight. Members of Christ is not the path on which you will be told to wait for God to come in clouds. This is the science of the soul which will place you on the path which leads to the true and living God. The path where you have to conquer satan in your own life, and therefore become a living temple for the light and set ones soul free.


 All religions are in position of at least one little part of the puzzle which we need to understand before we will see the true picture on how to set the soul free. Seekers are as scattered sheep enduring much pain because they do not find the answers on how to be set free from the darkness. In many seekers attempt to find the truth, Buddhists are reverting to Christianity, Christians are changing to Muslim or swami, Muslims change to Buddhist or Christian, but no-one is finding the true answers on how to reach the ultimate God.


   Ask yourself this question: What is the purpose of religion?

   Answer: The purpose of religion is to find eternal rest and peace.



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There are some problems though: People think that the Bible is a book which tells us that we will go to heaven or hell when we die; which it is not. The Bible is the map which shows us how to escape before we leave the human body; or it will be too late. And another; is that the Bible was written in codes and is not understood by most Christians.


As the human mind evolved through time, people stopped believing in the fairy tales which some religions teach. They therefore quit believing, or reverted to atheism. All people want to believe in God, as the souls of all humans are calling out from the subconscious to become one with its creator. But they want to listen to teachings that make sense, and not be threatened with some god of love who inflicts pain on everyone and will come down and destroy the earth and cast people into hell. This will not happen, but the reason why people misunderstand the Bible is that it was written in codes and parables. God is real and so is spirit, but Christians have changed the Bible to such an extent in their attempts to make sense of it that it is almost impossible to find any truth from it at this point. Changing the wording of the Bible to suit our human way of understanding has to stop immediately.


Seekers from religions all over the world are seeking answers on what the unseen mysteries of God hold. Millions of religious people are reverting to atheism as the mysteries of the path leading to God have become all the more veiled to the human mind in time. Atheism has become so powerful over the last few years that it will dominate religion eventually if God’s true path is not revealed to the world. This is not a myth; millions of religious followers all over the world are reverting to atheism.


God’s true children are waiting for God’s true light and know that God would bring some solution to what is happening in the world today. As a matter of fact, the entire world is waiting for something to happen; something has to give. Many are waiting for God to send a sign and others mean that the end of the world is near. Something is about to happen, this is inevitable; but not to the entire world at once, solely to God’s chosen members who are ready to receive the ultimate truth.

The members of Christ was purposely created by God to restore the faith of the fallen members who are waiting for God to answer them; this is so needed by the millions of thirsty souls seeking for merely one drop of Gods life-giving water to quench their undying thirst.….


The Members of Christ judges no religion, faiths or individuals views, as we all ultimately seek the same truth; whether we know it or not. This does not mean that Members of Christ is a free for all and for everyone to join a new party; no. This path is the straight and narrow, which was changed into a ten lane highway leading absolutely nowhere. It has to be restored to the way that it was created by God from the beginning.






































Never before have science and spirituality been more clearly explained. Evolution is not from Satan and science and religion does connect at some point. Everything was created by the same God. The fact is; if you do not understand the physical side of God’s creation by evolution, you will not understand God’s unseen spirit creation or the Bible; it is just not possible.


Science, religion, spirituality and the Bible are all revealed through Members of Christ.  Finally, all the pieces of the puzzle are brought together for all seekers as well as non believers to view the whole picture.


What is different on this path?


Nothing is unknown to God’s children, as this is the one path which answers all seekers questions; including the most sought after questions ever asked by both religion and science.


Such as:

1) What is the difference between God’s physical creation by evolution and the creation in Genesis of the Bible?


2) Was Jesus ever a human being?


3) Who was Buddha, Mohammed and all the other great masters, and who sent them?


4) What is the difference between Jesus and the other masters who people follow?


5) What is the purpose of evolution?


6) What is the human purpose?


7) Where are our souls from and why do some babies die at such young age?


8) Where do spirits go when they leave the body?


9) Where are spirits from which enters into the baby inside the mother’s womb?


10) Is there life after death?


11) Is meditation a sin for Christians to do?


12) Will atheists go to hell?


13) Why do some understand God’s mysteries and others do not?

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